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We give you the tools to take an everyday chore and turn it into an elevated experience. Focusing on one's self as a priority, and allowing the time that you deserve to remember that you are the main character to your own story.



Mysticly Bath Kit

Making an elevated bath experience.


Mysticly Subscription will include, Enchanted Salt Sachet, Handmade Candle, Soap, Agua de Flores/Luna, Crystal, and Perfume. All tied together by one herb or flower changing monthly.



No two crystals are the same, they come in many shapes and sizes. We find them in the mountain tops of the Pacific Northwest. We are pleased to share what we find with you!


Enchanted Salt Sachet

Mesh bag of epsom salt, herb or flower, and crystal pebbles that you add to your bath. This item is best used in mesh bag due to the fact that loose contents may clog drains.

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Girl Smelling Flowers

"You Must Love And Honor Yourself, As A Physical Expression Of God."